Anti-radiation clothes

Our daily life is more subjected to networks than ever before. Smartphone, computer and TV but also aquariums or ordinary electric sockets in the home are enormous sources of electric smog. Nobody can escape from this stress which also affects health, reproduction and life in general.

Garments against electric smog are an efficient remedy

Electric smog does exist, no matter whether its sources are momentarily carrying current or not. Alternating electric and magnetic fields are generated by the very electrical installations and devices. A remedy is offered here by radiation-shielding clothes which meanwhile are available both for women and men. And as the offsprings are still in the phase of their organs’ evolution, radiation-shielding garments also for children make sense.

Especially advisable for young men

Who wants to fight electric smog with their clothing, should look out for high-grade radiation-shielding garments with silver. Particularly men at their reproductive age can protect their fertility in this way. The reason is that electric smog and radiation throughout the day, even in small doses, can reduce fertility in the form of low sperm count or slow or less motile sperm. Efficient radiation-shielding garments for men are made of high-grade cotton plus, - mostly pure - silver which provides not only effective shielding but the garments are also perfectly suited for allergy sufferers. There is no obvious difference to conventional clothes but the effect is there.

Garments against electric smog

Efficient protection of new life

Clothes containing pure silver do not only preserve man’s fertility but also protect sensitive organs such as heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Highly recommended is radiation-shielding clothing for pregnant women as the foetus is perfectly protected against the influence of electric smog, be it radiation from WIFI or smart phones or the like. The clothes which effectively shield radiation are of top-quality and convince with their pleasant wearing comfort.


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