Care tips

Care tips for Silverwave®



Please read these instructions for use carefully. They give you essential information which should be observed when using the textiles.


75 % cotton
25% silver-coated fibres (silver-coated polyamide core)

Fields of application

  • Supporting treatment of neurodermatitis and the accompanying symptoms such as pruritus, erythema, eczema and oozing skin.
  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation (pacemaker, occupational safety equipment, fitful sleep, night sweats, concentration disorders, loss of efficiency, inner unrest, lacking body’s defences, sleepiness, migraine, and many more)
  • Sun screen UV 50+


Similarly to silk, please wash Silver25® / Silverwave® textiles at 30°C, separated from common household linen, and use a mild detergent with the machine set to gentle wash. This avoids the spreading of substances from other textiles with negative effects on skin microbiota.

Do not use heavy-duty detergent, disinfectants, cleaners containing chlorine, or softeners. Aggressive detergents modify the effect of the textiles. We used a test procedure with the material subjected to 150 washing cycles, and no loss in effectiveness was seen.


Please let your textiles dry in the air as otherwise the direct contact with heat may destroy their sensitive surface. Likewise, the contact with metal objects, e.g. metallic clothes hangers, may lead to discolouration when in wet condition.


Heavy heat destroys the sensitive surface of this special type of textiles. Please iron at the lowest temperature setting with no steam and with the textiles in dry condition as otherwise discolouration will appear.


Never dry-clean.
This will make the Silver25® / Silverwave® textiles lose their functional properties.

Further instructions

Shades, colour differences and discolouration are no product faults and do not affect the function of the silver. Please avoid direct contact with electric heat sources (e.g. electric blankets) as silver is a conductor of heat and electricity. The fine ribbed quality guarantees that the silver-coated fibres are at the top on either side of the fabric. Its elasticity ensures shape retention after washing.

The manufacturer is not liable for damage / injuries resulting from improper handling or inappropriate use.

When trying the garments on, please do not wear them directly on the skin. Garments once worn are excluded from refund!