Silver-coated bedding

Choosing the right bedding is, indeed, decisive for a restful sleep. This does not only apply to allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin but also to all those who want to protect against electric smog, for example, in the bedroom. The smartphone in the bedroom over night or an electronic alarm clock on the bedside table are not unusual. Television or radio, likewise, implies the risk of electromagnetic rays which are not quite unharmful to health. Here the use of silver-coated bedding can be a good way to relief.

Bedding for neurodermatitis sufferers creates a pleasant sleeping comfort

Those suffering from neurodermatitis or another burdensome skin disease know the feel of itchy fabric on the skin. Special bedding for neurodermatitis sufferers is a perfect remedy here because of its particular softness. Made from high-grade natural fibres and manufactured to perfection, it convinces with its extra soft surface which lets your head rest on the pillowcase without worrying. Silver bedding for kids furthermore makes sure that by breaking the itching-scratching cycle the kiddies can sleep well and then spend a stress- and trouble-free day. Thanks to the high portion of silver in the bedding, which has an antibacterial and sweat-reducing effect on top, you can enjoy a restful sleep phase and wake up fully relaxed.

Silver-coated bedding is also suited for allergy sufferers

Bedding for allergy sufferers has to meet various requirements but in the first place it has to ensure an undisturbed sleep. Many allergies are triggered by house dust mites, which choose bedrooms as their preferred habitat. Who here decides for anti-allergy bedding should go for high-quality materials with woven-in silver threads or rely completely on silver-coated bedding for adults. The silver-coated fibres let the vermins starve and prevent them from settling down. Another aspect is that anti-allergy bedding is highly breathable and has a temperature-balancing effect. The following items in the range of silver-coated bedding are available: pillowcases, duvet covers, fitted sheets or complete sets all of which ensure a relaxing night’s sleep.

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