Neurodermatitis clothes

People suffering from neurodermatitis or psoriasis have special demands in terms of their clothes. Neurodermatitis garments can bring relief in both cases although the two diseases are marked by basic differences. Whereas psoriasis is not caused by an allergy, this may well apply to neurodermatitis.

Silver-coated textiles bring relief

Silver-coated textiles are suitable for people suffering from psoriasis but also for those who over and over again have to struggle against neurodermatitis. Whereas psoriasis is characterized primarily by heavily scaling but not itching skin, the symptom of neurodermatitis is extremely dry skin. Also referred to as atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis, strong medication such as cortisone is mostly used for treatment. Silver-coated garments may be a welcome alternative here because of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of the silver particles.

Neurodermatitis garments are available for all groups of persons

As psoriasis sufferers are even found among babies and young children, it is important to resort to silver-coated clothing already at an early stage. Neurodermatitis clothes for babies appear very soft in their texture and convince with their excellent effects which let the kiddies enjoy their daily life.  Atopic eczema, or neurodermatitis, can lead to heavy itching sensation which provokes the desire of scratching. It results in a dangerous cycle which can be broken by wearing suitable silver-coated textiles. This makes neurodermatitis garments also outstanding for men and women, providing an effect of alleviation which is not only short term but may be lasting.

Harmful bacteria are blocked

Who goes for garments or, more generally, textiles coated with silver, relies on the antiseptical effect of this natural raw material. It prevents or stops the formation and growth of harmful bacteria and may lead to confining and even eliminating psoriasis and atopic eczema. The skin alleviates which is also supported by silver-coated clothes so that itching sensation and reddening will decline.

Silver-coated bedding

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