Bed canopy

Radiation from mobile phones, DECT devices, WIFI and the like constitute a permanent risk for our and our children’s health. Our bed canopy made of shielding voile protects babies and young children against dangerous radiation.

Health risks

Studies of renowned research institutes have proved meanwhile that, due to permanent stress by radiation from wireless technology even below the legally permitted limit values, the natural balance of the human body’s functions (homeostasis) is dramatically disturbed which entails dire consequences for health.

Findings have revealed, for example, DNA damage, increased risk of tumours, immune system deficiency, modification of brainwaves, and damage to ovocytes, embryos and sperm, resulting in sleeping disorders, headache, depression, learning difficulties and, last but not least, memory defects.
Especially more recent research has discovered further alarming effects, namely that pulsed high-frequency radiation produces oxidative stress in the human cells.
Many researchers now agree that oxidative stress is greatly responsible for many bodily and even mental disorders in our modern western civilization, among which figure neurodegenerative disorders and cardiovascular diseases as well as the chronic fatigue and burnout syndromes.
Wireless technologies are present everywhere in daily life, and you can no longer escape from the permanent radiation of mobile communications.

Protection by shielding textiles

What can we do ourselves to protect us?
One way of protection and minimizing health risks as far as possible are our shielding textiles. They can be used in daily life as ready-to-wear garments or as curtains in our home. The textiles serve specifically the purpose of shielding, reducing mobile radio radiation by nearly 100 percent. So you can create safe zones in your own four walls, blocking the insidious danger of harmful electromagnetic radiation.