For over one thousand years silver has been known for its therapeutic effects in medical applications. It has been used in wound healing because of its disinfecting, antibacterial properties. This "old" knowledge about silver as "wonder drug" is again being utilized in modern medical science today.  Among some other effects, it helps alleviate and cure maladies in a natural and gentle way. Thus silver-coated textiles have a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its disinfecting action, skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis) can be treated. When someone suffers from abnormal perspiration and attacks of sweating caused by physical exercise, for example when doing sport, silver-coated textiles prevent odour which normally is generated by the contact of bacteria with the skin and sweat. The silver provides optimum protection of the skin microbiota and microclimate.

As a means of radiation protection, silver-coated textiles are recommended for people with pacemakers and for those suffering from disorders due to electromagnetic radiation (mobile phone, Wi-Fi, earth rays, electrical devices).  Insomnia, headache or lack of concentration may be an indication of such disorders. But silver-coated textiles are also used in protective workwear.  They shield radiation emitted by various devices, e.g. mail scanners. A current expert assessment (11/2020) about radiation protection can be seen here.

A wide range of effects is attributed to silver, which are also recognized by physicians:

  • prevention against infection
  • antimicrobiotic
  • reduction of germsodour-inhibiting (reducing smell of perspiration)
  • promoting evaporation
  • heat-reflecting
  • temperature-balancing
  • antistatic: electromagnetic shielding
  • therapeutic effects
  • natural, because nontoxic and without residues from chemicals or pesticides
  • helps in case of burns

In our garments, silver is enmeshed by knitting and has a 100 % action on the skin, thus adding to natural wound protection which provides a positive influence on the microclimate and skin microbiota.

Pure silver has an antibacterial and fungicidal effect and combats bacteria like staphylococci and streptococci, fungi and herpes simplex viruses. These microorganisms require certain pre-conditions for their existence, such as sustenance, temperature, moisture and largest possible surfaces. Tight-fitting textiles are the ideal biosphere for such bacteria and fungi. Silver-coated fibres inhibit their settlement and spreading.

The silver fibre, which actually is a fibre coated with pure silver, is absolutely harmless.

The silver-coated fibre, which is enmeshed by knitting in multifunctional health wear, consists of a polyamide core coated with pure silver. With the proportion of cotton fibre being 75 %, the silver-coated fibres are made up of 25 % pure silver. The silver layer is permanently bonded with the polyamide core so that the functionality of the silver is not affected even after a considerable number of wash cycles. There is no expiry date, if appropriately used.

To achieve the best possible effect on sensitive skin, the textiles should be worn as often as possible. The duration of how long to wear the textiles depends on the severity of the disease.

Silver in its pure form as it is used in our products is antiallergic, and its application is completely harmless.  Allergies to silver are caused only in combination with other metals, e.g. nickel as processed in jewellery.

Silver25®-bedding is recommended for an extended treatment of neurodermatitis or of disorders which result from electromagnetic radiation. The soft material entirely enwraps the body from head to toe, promoting a restful and relaxing sleep.

Please note the care instructions and labelling of each product.

General note:

Please note that the material of the Silver25® / Silverwave® products consists of spun fibres which, as generally known, tend to pilling on the fabric surface caused by friction (body movement, wash machine, drier) which however does not affect or otherwise influence the action of the material. The pleasant wearing comfort does not change, either. We therefore recommend gentle washing in the machine and drying on the clothes line so that you can enjoy the Silver25® textiles for a long time.
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Silver25® / Silverwave® consists of 75% cotton and 25% silver-coated fibres (silver-coated polyamide core). This composition perfectly combines the benefits and positive properties of the materials.

Cotton is a soft natural fibre with a smooth surface. Its extremely high absorbency drains the moisture from the skin. Cotton is easy to care and 100% biodegradable.
Polyamide has many easy-to-care features. It is non-crease, abrasion and bacteria resistant and proof to a great number of chemicals. The polyamide core in the silver-coated fibre is wafer-thin and serves as carrier material for the silver coating.

Silver possesses many properties which are used in modern medical science for wound healing and to which therapeutic effects are attributable in our Silver25® / Silverwave®products. It has antibacterial, germ-reducing and odour-inhibiting effects and promotes evaporation of moisture on the body. It is diathermic and temperature-balancing and also has antistatic and shielding properties.

Our Silver25® / Silverwave® products are available in all common women’s, men’s, and children’s sizes. You can also refer to our measuring instructions and size tables which are applicable to each piece of garment. The sizing is normal, and the fine ribbed qualities provide additional ease of movement.

If you have any further questions, we will help you on. Just get in touch.