Healthy bedding

The sleep at night is when the human body has the time to recover from the strains and challenges of the day. Relaxation is promoted not only by the right climatic conditions in the bedroom but also by the adequate bedclothes. For those who due to allergies or heavy night sweats want to take preventive action, a good advice is healthy bedding.

Natural materials count

Healthy bedclothes for adults are made from carefully selected and thoroughly tested materials and conform to the highest quality standards. High-grade raw materials, such as downs, create the right temperature in the bed during the cold season. It is not only the pleasant warmth but also the balancing of the temperature which promotes a healthy sleep. Further materials, such as real hair and natural fibres, in healthy bedclothes ensure perfect recovery of the body during the sleep phase and prevent excessive sweating. This is one of the important requirements of healthy bedclothes for kids where not only high quality but also individual sizes of pillows and duvet covers are convincing factors.

Healthy bedding for allergy sufferers with special demands

Allergy sufferers have special demands in terms of their bedding because particularly for them restful sleep depends on the choice of the right duvet. For the purpose of killing mites which may well settle down in the climate prevailing inside the bedding, the bedclothes should be washable at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees. The products in our range allow even washing cycles of up to 95 degrees which reliably destroys any germs and vermins. Such bedding for allergy sufferers is consequently described as boil-resistant where, however, one decisive point is the proper filling material. In most cases, the filling materials consist of synthetic fibres. But also downs are frequently used here because of their washability of up to 60 degrees.

To make sleeping a perfect experience you can choose from bedclothes for allergy sufferers in all standard sizes and, on special request, even custom-made items can be ordered.


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